Nov 082013

watkins better baking

Once upon a time there was no radio or television. Hence, there were no radio or television commercials. What there were, were boldly designed, and brightly colored, metal-and-porcelain signs advertising everything from soup to nuts.

Country store walls, drug store counters, and sides of buildings and barns once hung heavy with beacons of Del Monte, Morton Salt, Wonder bread, Campbell’s Soup Company, Sunkist, Nehi, Orange Crush, and Planters. Cherubic rosy cheeks characterized the Uneeda Biscuit Boy, while depictions of Native Americans were and still are used to advertise Land O’ Lakes butter and Calumet baking powder.

The importance and proliferation of cleverly symbolic food signs has all but diminished in our electronic and digital age, yet iconic characters like Mr. Peanut and the Morton Salt Girl live happily ever after on television and the internet.

  •  November 8, 2013